Monday, October 18, 2010

Dc Movie news,pix

So yes I haven't been updating on here like a good lil boy-sorry!
Anyhoo, I thought I would put some topics out there with pics..
To the left, its the new pic of Green Lantern's "lantern",in the comics it is what powers his ring and whatnot..pretty cool..The trailer for the film should be out with the release of the next Harry Potter porn flick..I mean teen flick..whatever..

Speaking of other heroes from DC comics or what they're called now- DC Entertainment",which because of the new business name -had to move ALL of their offices from New York City to California. Yes, a lil reorganizing thanks to the parent company, Warner Brothers-which in the course of the move allowed 200 staff members to be canned just in time for the NY Comic-Con..How nice..

With that happening, DCE (as I'm going to call them), has started to set a plan in motion to get their respective "heroes" film deals. Along with Green Lantern as the jumping off point like Iron Man is to Marvel, they plan on a sequel as well as their next hero film to be either The FLASH or the next quasi-sequel of SUPERMAN. The question, fans and hollywood alike are asking  amongst each other is, is Zach Snyder the director they want to direct Superman??

Having watched Tom Welling portray the character for the last 9 seasons and the currently last 10th season, and having watched the mess-up that was Superman Returns with Brandon Routh, who should be the next actor to be the Big Cheese??

On online film forums it has been a threeway pick between giving Routh a second chance,having Welling back as well as the rest of the cast for a bigger film or getting someone newer and a rising star such as Henry Cavill who recently starred in HBO's "The TUDORS" as King Henry's right hand man..

But knowing that Welling has already decided on a future in film directing and producing-having produced Smallville the last few seasons as well as the new "Hellcats" show on CW, he seems to be the least interested in acting that part again unless it would involve the whole cast..
Knowing that Chris Nolan is involved as a producer on the film as well as Zach Snyder being the director picked to take the franchise to the next level, I would almost bet that Cavill would be their choice over both Routh and Welling-but who knows??

Snyder has mentioned that this next film will deal with Clark's trials and tribulations of ascending to superhero status..Problem is-that's already been done,so why go thru the trouble of recasting when you have a show that obviously has legs,as well as actors for hire after this next season ends?
Especially with the notion that all of DC's future hero films would eventually merge the heroes into one film ala "Justice League", I don't understand why they would foolishly waste money like that.

Anyhoo, other talk from DCE is that they have also abandoned the idea of a Wonder Woman film and have decided to go the small screen way..Another Wonder woman tv show..ugh.
I almost think that DCE needs like a uber-fan on their properties board, at least then stupid crap like that wouldn't happen.
However, if it was a spin-off of the current Smallville,then maybe it might make sense.
Currently on the show, other heroes from the Justice Society as well as the Justice League have become staples of the show.Green Arrow,Hawkman,League of Superheroes,Martian Manhunter,and Dr.Fate...If they would spin these characters onto another show using Wonder Woman as a focal point-another super bad ass(pardon the pun-y'know what I mean), then maybe eventually to a feature film-this could be a money maker down the road.

But oh well. Dreams in fandom constantly get squashed but then are constantly revived when those dreams become reality.

Right now,my only dream is what I hope I get for wonder woman.

Cya later VK@NYTE

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