HumpDay News 03, clips and trailers..

So yeah I'm a little late this week,its a bit slow in Hollywood however I was able to grab some interesting stuff for the film geeks out there...

--Dark Tower news: Javier Bardem(he was Anton Chigurh) is now set in stone to play Roland in the potential Dark Tower franchise by Ron Howard. The soon to be in production series is based on the series of books by Stephen King, and will comprise of 3 films and various mini-series for television which will be released between the 3 films..

--WB News: The WB,in its plan on revamping,resurrecting and rebooting old films even if they weren't hits, are on the attack as they plan on bringing back Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday in "Wild Guns".
After the success of Sherlock Holmes, and looking for another franchise,the WB are turning towards westerns considering that even though their "Jonah Hex" did poorly at the box office-a revival of sorts of the western theme has been slowly picking up in Hollywood. Upcoming films such as "The Lone Ranger","Cowboys and Aliens"and Paramount's version of Doc Holiday(which was still on the books last i heard)and also a reboot of "Young Guns" which was also rumoured, are heating up that genre.
Using the same style and formula that won viewers with Sherlock Holmes,the WB plan on winning again with an updated version of Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, the latter character having been famously and perfected by Val Kilmer in the film "Tombstone".

In this new incarnation,the pair of Earp and Holliday attempt to save Sitting Bull's kidnapped daughter from an evil Shaman.
Who they get to play that character is anyone's guess but my hopes is that Ben Foster would get it-after playing a similar character in "3:10 to Yuma" or maybe even his co-star in that film Christian Bale, who will be done with the Batman franchise by then..

--Speaking of reboots-or the attempt to reboot,"The Three Stooges" the long and gestating production(its been in the works for like forever I think),finally has managed to cast 2 of the 3 main characters. Will Sasso of tv's "Shit my dad says","Less than Perfect" and "MADtv" has been casted as Curly, while Sean Hayes, who played Jack Mcfarland on "Will and Grace" has been casted as Larry. This production is being led by The Farrelly Brothers whose last film "Hall Pass" was a surprise winner at the box office and comeback of sorts for the duo who have had a string of duds at the box office-their last big hit was "Me,Myself and Irene" back in 2000..'

--The upcoming Paul Bettany sci-fi flick "Priest", is soon to be released and as part of the promotion for it,they have released the animated clip, by Gennady Tartakovsky(SamaraiJack,Clone wars) below which though not in the film, is a prologue to the film ala "Animatrix" or "Gotham Knights".

--Looks like "Bill and Ted 3" is back on the table, says Keanu Reeves in a recent interview. He says that "writers should be turning in the script in 6 weeks"..
Check out more on this below..

--Marvel Film news: "The Avengers" filming has already kicked off,nothing new from there...yet,however Marvel's promotional team have been putting out the "Thor" clips
here and there, very slowly. One new one, premiered at this past weeks WONDERCON, cameos another Avenger, Hawkeye!

Also from Marvel,soon to premiere on G4, is the new animated Wolverine series-anime style and voiced by "Heroes" Milo Ventimiglia.Check it out below!

--Sci-Fi news: Neill Blomkamp's next big film "Elysium" is courting more heavy hitters after aquiring Matt Damon,now have gotten Jodie Foster,Sharlto Copely(he was in Blomkamp's debut film "District 9" and recently "the A-Team"),Wagner Noura(who is an up and coming star-check out Elite Squad2)and William Fichtner who recently turned up in Drive Angry 3D and is known for his appearances on Entourage and Prison Break.This film is looking to be next years big alien movie and Blomkamp's next big hit..

That's all for now, I leave you with this trailer from Roland Emmerich's "Anomynous". The same director that gave you "10,000 B.C.","2012" and "the Day after Tomorrow"..I guess he's trying to do a period piece now...oh well..anyhoo, cya VK@Nyte