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Umm..this shit has to stop right now.

Baby fights daddy for Kisses....Funny but cool.

Danny Kaye &the New York Phil part 2

Danny Kaye & The New York Philharmonic

Louis armstrong &Danny Kaye..

Arcade Fire...very cool vid..

Arcade Fire "Wake Up"...

Arcade Fire play impromptu elevator??

Dueling Pianos....Ray Charles,JerryLeeLewis and Fats Domino

What americans reeeally think about the world...

New bacteria found underground in ancient Roman tombs...

Skulls found in English garden are actually 2000 yrs old and from Egypt??

SamJack's take on WallStreet..Where's my money??MoFO!

Ed norton was a dick to someone special, and hollywood doesn't like Nick Cage...