Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why is North Korea allowed to have "Death Camps"in 2009??

Okay, the last I checked "Death Camps" or "gulags" were something that was started in WW2 or during the Vietnam war with P.O.W.s. Now comes word that this shit is happening in of all shitholes on this planet- North Korea! How big is the list on these assholes, huh?? Every other week its some new B.S. on these guys!!Hey Santa how about a Free North Korea this X-Mas huh??Maybe, some China action down there or American cleanup crew, hmm??

here's an excerpt from the article on FOX NEWS, in case you somehow missed it..
[The 200,000 political prisoners believed to be in the six labor camps comprise roughly 1 percent of North Korea's 22 million people; hundreds of thousands of other slave laborers are thought to have perished inside the mountain camps.]

"Clear and massive crimes against humanity, that's what they are," Hawk told "It's one of the worst forms of repression in the world and it goes on and on and on."

Hawk, who authored a 2003 study entitled "The Hidden Gulag: Exposing North Korea's Prison Camps," said the camps can be seen on satellite images, but what goes on inside is virtually invisible to the outside world.

"They work long and very hard under dreadful conditions," he said. "And they're all malnourished and kept on the verge of starvation constantly as a way of control. They're kept hungry so they're docile and obedient."

Prisoners typically work in various mines, including coal, gold and iron ore, Hawk said. Other workers are forced to raise livestock or plant crops.

"They raise rabbits, and the furs are used for the lining of soldiers' coats," he said. "And they raise bees to make honey. They have distilleries to make wine and liquor. They even make furniture."

Even more astonishing than the conditions inside the camps is the fact that none of the slave laborers were subjected to any type of legal hearing, Hawk said.

"They're not arrested, charged or convicted," he said. "They're just picked up and deposited in these camps. It's the complete absence of the judicial process."

Jung Gwang Il, 47, served three years of hard labor at Camp 15 before he was released in 2003. He said he witnessed two executions at the camp.

"They wanted me to admit to being a spy," Jung told the Washington Post. "They knocked out my front teeth with a baseball bat. They fractured my skull a couple of times. I was not a spy, but I admitted to being a spy after nine months of torture."

Jung, who now lives in Seoul, South Korea, and works as a human rights advocate, told the newspaper he weighed 167 pounds when he was arrested. Following his interrogation, he dropped to just 80 pounds.

"Most people die of malnutrition, accidents at work, and during interrogation," Jung told the Washington Post. "It is people with perseverance who survive. The ones who think about food all the time go crazy.

"I worked hard, so guards selected me to be a leader in my barracks. Then I didn't have to expend so much energy and I could get by on corn."

Other unspeakable horrors were not uncommon, according to recent accounts."]

-(here's the one that bothered me the most, below-vic)

[An Myeong-chul, a former North Korean prison guard, told the Associated Press in October that if a female inmate became pregnant, both she and her partner would be executed publicly. An said guards would then cut open the woman's womb to remove the fetus, which would be buried or fed to guard dogs.]


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