Tuesday, June 9, 2009

2 girls killed a year ago on rural street, still unsolved.

I hate to be that guy that constantly brings people down or the newscaster that reports every nasty crime on the 4,5,10, and 11'oclock news, but I just read the next two items on CNN thru Twitter and it as some things that I come across -just galls me.
Now as of yesterday the new story on all the networks is about the lady who was 7-9 mths pregnant, had moved to Portland to be with her new hubby and had started to plan a life for her new expecting baby and in that process, started a little baby clothes swapping or toys swapping deal on the internet by way of Craigslist. Now unfortunately in this day an age, some seem to think that they will do anything for attention, and I'm sure Mrs. Korena Roberts after watching endless hours of daytime tv, felt the need to join that lucky group of "Bad" 15 minutes tv news while waiting for Mrs. Snively to stop by and pick up some baby clothes. So if you haven't heard what happened next, I will spare you the gruesome details and just say that 911 got a call from Mrs. Roberts saying that she had just "given birth and the baby needs help". Investigators were called after she had shown up at the hospital with the baby-which was found to be not hers considering she had shown no signs of being pregnant. Mrs. Strively of course was found later in the basement.

So what could of caused this masssive breakdown?? Was this a planned event? It just so happens that Mrs. roberts' kids were away and that "supposedly" her hubby was away as well, but just happened to be there to make that initial call to 911.

Why are situations like these keep popping up month to month, week to week??

Now some may say "Well if God was part of their daily life, then this would not of happened." Now you know that's B.S. Period. There are always factors and nothing is ever an accident.

The other item, one I also just took notice, is of the two girls in Oklahoma that were gunned down a year ago (never heard of it til now, I don't know how i missed it) on a rural street a half mile from their homes. Thirteen shots between the two girls in a matter of minutes and still unsolved which considering the population, an even 1000 at last counted, should've found the killer by now. I know had it been my girls(2 n' a half, 11, and 16),I would've been on a warpath, ala Charles Bronson/Liam Neeson , and those individuals would've been lucky to make to the police. As a matter of fact they would've been pleading for the police to save them.
How is it that these items continue to happen, in this world, at this time?? It seems every time it happens there is always a twist, like the Devil is trying to top himself..

Is there a war that we don't know about?? Something stinks people, and i wish whatever it is would be found and soon before its too late.

Cya VK@Nyte.

P.s. Good night Mr. Carradine. Thanxxx for all the Kung-Fu and Bill.

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