Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best films of the year so far.......

Well after seeing "Star Trek" last week, I felt the need to expunge to my associates on the fact that while 2oth Century Fox may have a hit with "X-men Origins:Wolverine",they have along way to go before they can put anything more out to theatres,especially since J.J. Abrams and his crew are already working on Star Trek 2 as we speak and possibly a dozen or more other projects that will keep us comic book and movie geeks alive for the next 30 years...Until last week, most movie studios (for the exception of the WB, they seem to have realized past mistakes especially with the Batman franchise as well as Catwoman, that you have to pay attention to details)thought or seem to continue to think that if you put the next hot director and a hot cast and a bunch of money to a film that as a tentpole it will make money no matter what...Well,yes and no. Yes, money is a factor,as well as a director who can direct not just CGI or scenes but actors too..Actors are important but in the end, what is on paper and how its transformed and breathed is the eventual bottom line. If you look at what has worked in the last few years- 300,Batman Begins,Dark Knight,Iron Man,Taken and now Star Trek-there are common denominators in all of them..Details and great scripts matched by great actors who can breathe whats on paper...
So needless to say, of my list so far-
1. Star Trek
2. Taken
3. The Soloist
4. Knowing
5. Monsters vs. aliens
6. The international
7. Fast and Furious
8. I love you Man
9. Push
10.State of Play
11.Observe and Report
12.Crank 2
14.Haunting in Conn.
15.Race to witch Mountain.

Now I know what you guys are going to say especially where wolverine is placed but it was a movie that underperformed in so many ways...
Seriously,I was more entertained at Fast and the Furious then that flick!Cmon!!
The way I put this list together are as follows:

1.Am I being entertained or interested in the subject?
2.Is the film consistent throughout? Do I need a fact checker?
3.Is the film trying to be more than the subject or do more than what is required of the story?
4.Is it original or stealing??Cliche' or new??
5.Can i watch it again or do i need to kil the person who made it

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Great Quotes

"Anyone who works is a fool. I don't work; I merely inflict myself on the public."
- the late English character actor, Robert Morsely

Indiana Jones: "I'm going after that truck." Sallah: "How?" Indiana Jones: "I don't know - I'm making this up as I go."

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die." --Mel Brooks

"I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally." -- WC Fields

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lists and notes

Movies or T.V. Series, I'd like made before I Die:

-"Planetary" based on the comic book by Warren Ellis
-"Top Ten"
-A worthy sequel to "The Thing",and
Kurt Russell has to be in it
-"100 Bullets"
-"Stray Bullets", and it has to be filmed in Baltimore.Period.
-"Liberty Meadows", rated R, and filmed like "Garfield"
-"The Avengers"
-An "Uncanny X-men" television series instead of some overblown film, done ala "Smallville"
-A "Star Wars" television series that explores not only stories about other characters inbetween the film series and history of the series but also the "What if's" as well.
-"Justice League"
-"Star Wars" 7,8,9 and maybe 10,11,12....
-HellBlazer movie or tv series,preferbly with an English Actor
-"Man on Fire" sequel.. Do you hear me Tony Scott!!! It was Denzel's best movie dammit!








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