Saturday, February 7, 2009


THe master at telling the truth is back...Sam Jack!!
Here he is below telling the truth about this whole Bale fiasco..and cussing.



[I've been hearing about all this Christian Bale bullshit, how he bawled out some camera guy for interrupting a shot, and how Christian went off on some f-word tirade for twenty minutes and shit. And everyone tells me, “Man, that Christian can cuss. Dude’s an artist with curse words.”

Oh, la-tee-got-damn-dah! Fuck that. Christian Bale can suck my third nut. What Christian Bale knows about cussing, I can fit in the reservoir tip of my used Magnum condom.

1. Don’t overdo the word “fuck.” The f-word is like warm apple pie, you know what I’m saying? Taste on that shit, but don’t wear the word out, otherwise it gets all sloppy. Use some other cuss words now and then to keep that “fuck” nice and tight.

2. If you gonna threaten to kick somebody’s ass, there better be an ass-kicking in your near future. Empty threats make you sound like a redneck. Say you’re gonna kick his ass, then do it. Don't say you're gonna kick some ass, then demand that same ass to be fired. Either kick or fire the ass. You can't have that ass both ways.

3. I don’t know what this shit is about “lights” this and “lights” that, but got-damn, Chris, you ain’t the only motherfucker on the got-damn set. It’s all well and good for you to be feeling the moment while acting, but you got an ugly got-damn mouth and a weird nose. When a light-obsessed camera guy wants to make you look better, you best be sucking on his cock. You need all the good lighting you can get just to make you look less like a guy with severe case of sideways vagina-mouth.

4. While acting in a movie about robot-explosions do not think, “I am so in this acting moment, I’ll verbally disembowel any motherfucker who interrupts me.” Terminator Four ain’t some piece of Bergman fine art--it’s a fucking movie about explosions.No need to be so serious that you go all batshit on some guy doing his got-damn job (and, like I said, that guy’s got-damn job is to make sure the lights don’t emphasize your sideways-cunt mouth).]

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-"100 Bullets"
-"Stray Bullets", and it has to be filmed in Baltimore.Period.
-"Liberty Meadows", rated R, and filmed like "Garfield"
-"The Avengers"
-An "Uncanny X-men" television series instead of some overblown film, done ala "Smallville"
-A "Star Wars" television series that explores not only stories about other characters inbetween the film series and history of the series but also the "What if's" as well.
-"Justice League"
-"Star Wars" 7,8,9 and maybe 10,11,12....
-HellBlazer movie or tv series,preferbly with an English Actor
-"Man on Fire" sequel.. Do you hear me Tony Scott!!! It was Denzel's best movie dammit!








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