Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pakistan,like China,has some serious human rights issues..

Just to let everyone know,when I hear or read something stupid or crazy , I tend to talk, discuss and debate it with friends and family alike. Now, one thing you must know about me is that i truly believe that we as a "Human Society" will never get off this planet and see other universes, because of issues within each and every society, and especially within ourselves on Earth. Right now on 1 hand we still try to attempt to further ourselves such as elections,the olympics,space programs,health programs,better drugs,searching for cures etc. But then you would think the typical badstuff such as Murder,Theft,Alcoholism,Deaths,accidents,Tragedy,wars, druguse, etc-would some how keep to a balance....Well,you hear or read this stuff all the time,and usually the outcome fits the action..However, in Pakistan this week, in 2008 no less,2 grown women and 3 young girls were burned alive, because they didnt want to marry the men that were pre ordained to be with...I heard about this, and I thought "Well that's ridiculous, that should never of happened,and the U.S.of A did nothing??" These guys are supposed to be our "ALLIES", are you kidding?? Then to top it all off,same backward country of course, a girl who was 9 was FORCED to marry a 45 year old, now decided at 17 to have it annulled was killed in the street by a mob who were,if you can believe this, told to do it by her own parents!!!!
How is this society still allowed to be on this planet!!!!!I mean that is just not even right!!You mean to tell me that this is allowed in Muslim Society??? Are you fucking kidding me??What I don't believe is that after all the money that we send to the Pakis, that they allow even this to get out!!Oh.and can u believe there is someone in there Gov't that would allow this to happen...

Whoever becomes President or who actually wants to become President needs to acknowledge these actions by Pakistan and not sweep this under the Persian Rug, so to speak.And they need to do this NOW.

The whole article is available by clickin to the title of this post.
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