Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Arcade Fire....Nuff Said.

Hi my lil monkeys!!!

Well, I must say i have been out of the music scene for too long!!!
This band, The Arcade Fire, is out of control!! Well, actually in control that is of their destiny, since i just saw their live show on Austin City limits and what I saw was just too incredible! How the hell did they fit that many players on one stage with all that equipment?? The lead singer Mr. Butler and his wife (who played pretty much EVERYTHING except banging on the stage as music)as wellas the rest of the band were unrelenting and fully energized for this show. I came in a bit late, but that is okay because they were probably drinking 3 cases of Red Bull before taking to the stage. Also whoever is in charge of direction on this show, should get an Emmy! Perfect, and it felt like I was right there!

Anyway, before I go even more crazy, i've listed the links to the right on this blog as well as if you this post's title it will send you to a sample of the show!!
If after you see the sample and feel the need or want to experience more, in the
Arcade Fire Links section you will see "Arcade Fire-AustinCityLimits download", click on that and it will send you to a site called "MEGADOWNLOAD", once you get there you will see up at the top, "please enter xxx" or whatever 3 letters they ask you to type in, then click onto download which will send you to the next page.
On the next page, there will be 2 columns, one asking for a "premium" download and the next column will be asking for a "free" download. Go ahead and click on the free one.
Now just to let you know, there are no "bugs" to this. The only thing is they have some "frequent visitor" scheme and if this pops up just ignore it. Stay on the screen u were on and find a place in your file system for the live show.
The down load takes about 5-10 min so be patient, it is free after all!
After you download it, you can open it up on Itunes or whatever music player you want.
The only problem I have had is that i haven't been able to burn it to dvd. So if anyone has any idea how to do that, give me a heads up!

Also,there is another link and that one is thru NPR and its just the music MP3's which are cool if you want to listen while you work on your computer.
Check out their last album "neon Bible" its brilliant!!!

Oh and before I forget, ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!


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