Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie Bailout Tuesday!!!! Spiderman4,Thor loses Fandral, and Sherlock Holmes tells some Cowboys and Aliens that they need to play somewhere else..

Tuesday Movie News 1 vol.1
Spiderman 4 no more!

Well after some crazy behind the scenes drama relating to script,shooting dates as well as casting the main villian,production was officially halted on Spiderman 4 which was tentpoled for next May 6th,2011 and now has been pushed back a whole year.
Sony pictures, feeling the heat and pressure from the upcoming circle of Marvel Films(Iron Man2,Thor,Captain America and The Avengers)as well as other films slated for 2011-Wolverine2,wanted2,RED,GreenLantern,DeadPool,HarryPotter,StarTrek2,SherlockHolmes2 and the list goes on.,had been butting heads with Sam Raimi over script issues as well as other possible issues relating to the last installment-lack of story and character as well as a film that had jumped so far ahead of the base storyline and had left most moviegoers and fans neglected. What was decided was to push the film from its May 6th 2011 date to later in the summer,this idea conflicted with schedules and just when rumours of casting John Malkovich as The Vulture came around, Sony and Raimi decided to shut down production. Thus now that Raimi and the cast are out(I don't believe they had their heart in it anymore to tell ya the truth),re-casting,and getting a new director is high on the todo list for Sony.
Moving into the now vacated spot of May 6th 2011 is THOR, which production begins as I write this. Sony had planned on a "reboot" after Spiderman 4 but since that is not happening,the "reboot" goes on as planned with Peter Parker back in high school.
This sounds a bit iffy,personally would work better as a tv show ala Smallville. How they plan to cater to the "Twilight/Hot Topic" generation remains to be seen.

Paging Mr.Malkovich!!

Now that Mr. Malkovich is free from a possible smudge on his resume'(not that he has a plenty),he has taken the role vacated by John C.Reily in the upcoming Bruce Willis Action feast "RED",based on the comic book series written by my fav sci-fi writer Warren Ellis(where is my Planetary Movie dammit??!).Now what role that is remains to be seen-plenty of cast on this one which is good and great at the same time..Of all the actors acheing for a comeback-this is one who deserves it.Bad guys are his forte' however in recent years he's been in mostly schlocky, cheap and potential B-movies that show up in my local Redbox or wall at BlockBuster every week..If this guy doesn't do well in the next 2-3 years,expect to see him on one of the many CSIs or Law and Orders..its where inconsistent movie stars go to get consistent paychecks..

Some peeps that need Comebacks as well:

1.Val Kilmer (somebody at Marvel give him sumthin puhlease!!)
2.Anthony Michael Hall (
3.Armande Assante
4.Lucy Liu
5.Cuba Gooding Jr.
6.Joe Pants
7.Jennifer Garner
8.Kevin Spacey
9.Jodi Foster
10.Keira Knightly (she is the next female action star)
11.Harrison Ford..(i cast him as Snow, in Planetary"
12. Christopher Walken

Speaking of Comebacks..

Mel Gibson is back in "Edge Of Darkness" directed by Martin Campbell,the guy who gave you back your Bond. Not only can I not wait to see this, but if anyone has a right to "the Equalizer"mantle-this guy does!!let's hope the comeback continues with the return of MAD MAX in "FURY ROAD" with George Miller directing again. Mel will be in the producer chair this time around but hope is he makes a cameo.Tom Hardy of "Bronson" and "RocknRolla" is possibly Max..

Robert Downey Jr. is so money!!

Well not expecting the windfall of money from Sherlock Holmes and the now 2 months away from production on the sequel,the now known in movie circles as "RDJ" has backed out on his best buddy, Jon Favreu's next film "Cowboys and Aliens". This was meant to be the holy trinity of filmmaking-get the director and star of Iron Man and Iron Man2 combined with the writing talents as well as producer of "Lost", "StarTrek","Transformers 1&2" and put them together in one film!!
But due to RDJ's increasing power to create franchises overnight, had to dropout and concentrate on the next sequel as well as other potential franchises such as "Due Date2:too much" and "Kiss Kiss,BangBang2:more bang for my buck"..
(All I know,know matter what-there is always liquor store around the corner from his house,know what i'm sayin??)

Stuart Townsend??Does he still work??

Well you can add another to the list of "what might've happened or worked if he/she had been casted"..

Mr. Townsend has vacated the character of Fandral in the upcoming "Thor". Fandral, a major character in the Asgardian's universe as well as a major part in the "Warrior's Three"group,was casted with the ultra-actor Stuart Townsend in mind from the get go. Now this part has been passed down to a literal unknown, Joshua Dallas.
For those who don't know,his last few things on his resume' that mattered til now if that:

1.Not getting Aragorn in "Lord of the Rings",was switched at the last minute.
2.having 10 episodes of the tv remake of "Nightstalker"
3.Aeon Flux. nuff said
4.Queen of the Damned...almost a plus.
5.He was Dorian Gray in "League of extraOrdinary Gentlemen..
6.providing voices on "Robot Chicken"..wow.

so to say you have creative differences is a bit much, ya think??
the only plus side is he's bangin Charlize Theron as of 3 days ago..
still thinking if this is a growing sign of things to come..death pool??hmm..

Anyway,there you go..
Still anticipating casting news on Captain America and DK3...
Spiderman??eh I gave up on that awhile ago..

well cya kids!!


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