Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't eat pork but unless the gov't does something...i guess i could this one time...

just found out that our beloved "bailout plan v.1.2 of 2008" got passed in the senate only because it has a bunch of crap that really have nothing to do with bailing out Wall Street..Click on the link above..for more on this..
I really don't know what to think of this folks. I mean you'd think that if something immediate needs to happen, say like overnite, to solve something as dire as this,something that if not fixed or stopped right away might cause problems in other markets,that those idiots in washington might just for once do the work that they get paid to do and get it done without any hassle. But to no avail, because I just found out that these folks are not only selfish as shit, but could give two shits about the economy as long as their wooden arrows and bicycles are taken care of!!Bicycles??? What the fuck??? I stopped riding bicycles when i got a car!! Its called "Getting ahead in life" not going backwards folks. You are not supposed to be riding a bicycle to work , okay. This isn't China, so lets get that straight first. Also what backwoods part of America needs wooden arrows?? Seriously, someone got lied to and that person should be fired ,like weeks ago. I mean how fucking gullible are those Senators?? Also, if you need a Tax Credit to take care of your bike, because your job as an accountant or investment banker isn't paying you like it should well then maybe you should try to get an imaginary super power that only characters in comic books get if their only mode of transportation is a bicycle, such as the power to shoot webbing and climb walls, become superstrong or fly.
Every day I talk about this stuff with my customers, and the sad part is is that we are so,so tolerant about all this..I mean what is it going to take folks?? How long are we to deal with crap being fed to us?? Its got to stop and i'm afraid that unless Obama or McCain step up and say something instead of pussy-footin around this bill, it will become just another same old typical washington b.s.
The only ones that pay for it in the end is the middle class and Wall Street--the only ones that want to make money...

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