Friday, August 29, 2008

Smallville Future....season 9??Hopefully..

Hey guys,
Just to let you know,I'm a huge fan of Smallville since they started invoving other characters from the DC Universe, such as Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash, and Martian Manhunter. So its been on my mind, are they going to keep this show going next year?? Right now for those who aren't in the know, this is Smallville's eighth season and possibly last one considerin most of all the original cast has left or been written off the show and the original producers left this past year to greener pastures and have put the show in new hands, so all in all this season is pratically a reboot for the series with mostly all new actors except for Tom Welling(superman).
The last two seasons have dramatically changed the series for the better with the addition of Justin Hartly(Green Arrow),Erica Durance(Lois Lane),and the explosive entrance of Laura Vandervoort(Supergirl).

Now I know, most people think "oh that superman show, interesting can it be when he was in high school, whoop-ee."
Well, I thought that too when it first came out, considering my knowledge of comic books both DC and Marvel especially with X-men and such, that this show was going to bomb, but later on I started to notice that the writers had started to work towards a similar storyline from the second movie ala General Zod,THe fortress of Soltude, Lex Luthor changing from best friend to worst enemy, then the formation of the Justice League, that The fanboy light inside me turned on and I've been a fan ever since.
Thus, now I wonder with the crisis they have at DC/warner bros. regarding continuity and hit movies every year, is this show part of the plan to eventually move to film??
I would hope so and its the only sensible option.
The only catch would be does Tom Welling have a choice in the matter??

On the upside he does- it would be a continual paycheck and give him more momentum in the film industry, since he hasn't had much luck in that arena as of late.
The downside would be of course-that good ol Superman curse...To get stuck in a role forever without having any other hits..Chris reeve had a few movies in between such as Somewhere in Time, Deathtrap..then the Village of the Damned remake..Brandon routh,He's had i believe two other flicks but nothing memorable. So eeeyaeah, thats the bad part.
But if I was Tom welling I would be down with whatever, if DC's plan goes the way they've said , If he's willing to play Supes on film, he should expect a paycheck per appearence..

Anyway, click on the link get more on the DL.

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