Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lets fix DC Comics in the Movies!!

Well, I don't know about the rest of yall, but from what I've seen of Keri Russell , I think she would be perfect as Wonder Woman....
She has the integrity, stamina, acting chops and looks- from top to bottom that would work well in a motion picture.
What amazes me is the fact that all the comic geeks in the internet world see someone like megan fox, or megan gale for that matter,-and speaking of geeks...whats the deal with the name "megan", that gets all the geeks aflutter? Could it be that it was the name of the one that put them in their place back in 2nd grade? Hmm..
Anyway, Miss Russell is giving her voice to the WW cartoon, and amazingly they have also got Nathan Finion as Steve Trevor.....just the voice now geek dont get wet already....
Now, is this Warner Bros. way of saying " now look, we know we haven't got ah shit together in regahds to the comic book based flix, but at least we can put out dem cahtoons dehre raght?"
I'm serious folks, Yosemite Sam runs Warners from a huge desk, thats covered with scripts from great writers- but are weighed down by bags of money,coke and boxes of cuban cigars.
Don't get me wrong ,but I am truly amazed that Joel Silver hasn't been tossed out on his ass by
the Nolan Bros for almost screwing with their movie sequel!!
They still have issues with the Superman sequel, they can't decide if they want to start over, who they want to direct- will it be Bryan Singer, or now Mark Millar is talking about he's in there
like No, sorry Mark but, do you really believe they are just going to hand over the franchise to you?? When was the last time you directed--anything??
Baby steps Mark, I mean, WOW, Frank Miller is directing The Spirit, and you think you can jump in there and do it too....we don't even know if the flik is worth a shit!!
Its his first direction and hopefully it works, however I'm afraid it will be another of those "just like the last one i saw movie", i.e. Sin City, 300, Sky Captain...
Does anyone remember back in the late 80's early 90's, there was a resergence of "Indiana Jones flavored movies like " Allan Quartermain", The Rocketeer, The Phantom,and a few others
that tried to capture the same feel as the Spielburg/Lucas films but couldn't get it right?
Well folks, because of the level of CGI and animation that we are at now, the mix that seems to do well or get better every year (see Beowulf), the main studios have decided that their directorial spawn can do just as good or even better then their predecessors such as the Wachowskis>(who i cant remember his bloody name, but he directed "V for Vendetta"and now he's doing "Ninja Assasin" which for the life of me I have no idea what that is...hopefully it will rock) and speaking of putting all your eggs in one basket....uh what the hell happened with "Speed Racer"??I mean did they forget to market it or what?? Hot Wheels cars??HELLOOO!!
Look seriously, I went on a tangent...but to truly get the ball rollin at DC and at Warners, they have to give DC more creative control over their property. Give them their own studio, leave them to their own devices and just pay for it with all the money you make off of DK and The WATCHMEN and THE SPIRIT.
Right now (and this is the main problem folks) Warners is split in 3, you have their film studio,
you have their television studio and then you have DC which has their animation studio...
When it comes to tv and film, their studios do not care nor do they talk to each in point, the Justice League film and Superman.
The tv studio which does "Smallville" was in its 4th or 5th season , and around this time Singer managed to con the heads at Warners into taking over the franchise and starting was all well and good but who was to play the leads?
The first thought in alot of peoples minds was who's going to fill Reeves' boots?? Singer got
Brandon Routh, who is almost a dead ringer for Reeve when in the character of Superman/Clark Kent...Awesome! everyone said, but who would play Luthor?? Kevin Spacey!! Wow, this looks to be good! Now, the movie comes out, meanwhile the real superman, Tom Welling is kicking butt and taking names on the show as well as Michael Rosenbaum as Luthor who incidentaly is a better Luthor then Spacey's who came off as an interpretation of Hackman's version in the earlier fims.. The show is a hit now in its 7th season going into #8 next fall, and its already started multiple angles that could spin off on their own as well as into film, but thats the problem. Unless Warners fixes this issue with the fact that their hit show cant transfer to film because of their break in studios and contracts, then they will lose dedicated viewers to their films. The show is the best they have in character development, would only make sense to expand to film considering it would be more consistent instead of starting over from scratch, spending so much money in rehiring actors as well as searching again, then contracting a director who isnt trying to reinvent the wheel, i.e. George Miller.
Chris Nolan and his brother, and with the help of David Goyer, Frank Miller and Zach Snyder are their real only hope in straightening out this mess.
Singer is to much involved and allowed the studio too much time in the last production to keep anything simple and efficent.
Tom Welling needs to be your Superman. Keri Russel definitely Wonder Woman. Christian Bale is Batman. Keep it Simple folks, its not that hard, and get it done.
Thats why they call it casting, you do it once for something like this and then you don't do it again. and stop making crap up "just for the story"i.e superman's son....
Has Warners ever read any of DC's books? uh NO, they haven't.
Decide what Earth you want to base the movies on....Earth-1, or Earth-2, cause uh we were a bit
mystified by the ending of SR, "so is Supes goin to beat Lex's ass,....uh no put him on an island.???" Are you kidding me?? BEAT HIS ASS!!!!!
That wasn't the Superman I had read for the last 20 years......what gives??
Bad Finish.
Get this stuff together or your studio is going to be left behind.
DC's animation studio seems to be pretty organized, maybe with some more funds and better
tools you can compete against Dreamworks and Disney, then you wouldn't have to worry about
Marvel or Dark Horse.
Just a thought, take it or leave it.
3d movies, IMAX all coming soon....everywhere.....
cya im done.


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