Friday, March 21, 2014

Never heard of STAR WARS? Here are 10 videos to help you get ready for STAR WARS 7.

So you've never heard of Star Wars?

      That's ok because you are part of the 1% on this planet that have impossibly never witnessed a film or tv show or even collected an action figure from the store that had STAR WARS across the front of it or even held a toy lightsaber. Well if this has finally bothered you and opened up you to ridicule to friends and family, fear not- for you have taken the first big step in a crash course on all that is STAR WARS.
      Now of course I'm not going to get into all the details of the storylines,characters etc. But what you need to know is this:
There are two groups:
   "The Jedi" which are basically the good guys who are trained to be one with the universe and to nature also called "THE FORCE". These guys are primarily peaceful and are to some respect "Knights" of peace.
Their main job is to promote peace between worlds,act as negotiators,investigate wrong doings etc.
Compareable characters would be U.S. Marshals from the old west but with a twist, imagine that not only are they peaceful but tough if pushed and have Ninja reflexes and training.
This group has been around forever and of course in that time they have aquired enemies their main one: "The Sith"
   "The Sith" are also old as sin. Their group are the bad guys of many a STAR WARS story and are always involved,instigating wars between races or setting up The Jedi for the kill.
This group are also trained in the use of "THE FORCE" but not for peace but to rule over others.
This has led this group to be connected to races who are not interested in being part of the Republic which The Jedi are in charge of protecting and to start wars and skirmishes thus benefiting in adding more to their side.
Whereas The Jedi are peaceful, The Sith are a violent,angry, hateful group who have existed in the shadows growing in power but then being defeated time and time again only to resurface stronger each time. Some Jedi, disillusioned with their place in service have "gone to the dark side" only to be turned into an evil Sith apprentice.

 The main tool of both groups is "the light saber". Like old school martial arts films and the Samarais of old,"the lightsaber" is and electrified sword that is made by its user-for The Jedi its an act of accredation. Once a Jedi achieves in creating there own lightsaber it is said they have become "one with the force"..Some Sith have taken their Lightsabers and over time been able to manipulate them, making a double lightsaber, or even different colors..Like guns were in the Wild West, Lightsabers are the measurement of your prowess..

 Now that you have been acclimated in this crash course of Star wars knowledge, here are 10 vids for you to enjoy. The Sith: Darth Maul vs Darth Sidious Darth Maul vs The Mandalorians Darth Maul vs Ben Kenobi Darth Maul vs Ben Kenobi and Quigon Jinn Darth Tyranus vs Ben Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker and Yoda Darth Sidious vs Yoda The Old Republic Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker

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