Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My movie rant: My hatred of " hack/has been" directors and the next "Hercules" films..Trailer: "300:Rise of an Empire" and more random trailers

To all future film directors: The following trailer for "Hercules:The Legend Begins" proves that some film directors even though they get a pass to make movies-shouldn't but instead stick to the small screen like Netflix,HBO,Showtime,Starz and AMC....too many stolen and now cliche' film techniques in the trailer..Don't get me wrong, it looks decent and their are some great scenic/panoramic shots but this film/story belongs on the small screen and not in a theater..sorry but its still comes off as a B movie i'd watch on SyFy or Netflix-However if you loved 300 or the tv series Spartacus, that this seems like a rip off of, then this might be for you. Its just sad that what was a half decent director Renny Harlin(Long Kiss Goodnight, Die Hard 2, Speed) has sunken to being some hollywood hack. To all future film directors-please don't follow in this guys footsteps!
Also coming soon is another reboot of "Hercules" by another soon to be hack director: Brett Ratner..You may remember him from his past work: "Rush Hour"trilogy,"Xmen3:The Last Stand",last years bomb "Tower Heist "and his infamous ride along with his buddy Michael Jackson before the popstar's demise..Well in his infinite wisdom has decided that his next big project will be "Hercules:The Thracian Wars" based on the graphic novel and starring Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. Now is it just me or does "The Rock" know what he's cookin or what? I feel that yes this might be a big deal to Ratner-he's never really done anything on this big of scale before-except if you count Xmen3, however alot of the production for that film had already been done prior with the two previous films thanx to Bryan Singer so basically all he had to do was show up and point and shoot which by most folks who have seen that film felt like he did-for the exception of a few key scenes-thats all he did and the product showed that in the end..Ask any comic book geek what are the top 5 worst recent comic book films-they would put xmen 3 up near #1..other films in that lineup would include Norrington's(The Mummy,Mummy Returns)The League of ExtraOrdinary Gentlemen,Fantastic Four(1,2),Ghost Rider2,Green Lantern,Batman and Robin.. But he has "The Rock" in tow on this so hopefully with his star status(which is slightly dwindling again-really how many more Fast&Furious Films can you make? I'd rather see an original sequel to The Rundown or Walking Tall-or even a remake of Roadhouse-but thats just me i guess)being as it is-this film may be a hit...or a dud if it does what Mr.Harlin has done and ripoff other similar genres like "Clash of the titans","300"(which has a quasi-sequel this year),'Immortals", "Gladiator",and even tv's "Spartacus"..So it'll be interesting..Should "The Rock" be worried? Maybe not-if he consistently puts out 3-4 films a year and doesn't allow folks to get bored with him and as long as he stays fresh-no but there is that degree of not so fresh anymore with him doing "Hercules"-most folks remember "The Scorpion King" and are reminded every time they hit up Netflix or Redbox and see the many direct to dvd sequels it had...Brett Ratner has alot to lose considering he's starting to tow that line of memorable director vs. hack director joining others like Rob Cohen,Harlin,Russel Mulcahy in the hack/has been director category... Anway that's my take on it-"hear me now believe me later",both films may bomb-one more than the other...oh and before we go on a REAL movie trailer: anyway some More random trailers:

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