Thursday, January 5, 2012

Movie Review: VK@NYTE reviews "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"

Saw The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo last review..

Eh....same as the other one,just taken up a notch...

First off: the film starts with a very 007 montage while the credits started with that NIN cover of "Immigrant Song" by Led Zep,that was in the trailer... splashes of things covered in oil,Daniel Craig,Rooney Mara, more oil... a bee or was it a fly??WTf is this??

The story of course starts off with Craig's Mikael being guilty of libel in court by a corporation that is supposedly involved with all types gun running,money laundering etc...So after learning that he's been put on hiatus by his boss and girlfriend, he picks up an offer to help Christopher Plummer,who's character is head of a family that has nazi history,to solve the dissapearence or possible murder of his brother's daughter in the 60's. Turns out Plummer's family is also head of Vanger Corp-a company that is the rival to Mikael's problem corporation..In the deal, in helping solve the case,Vanger(plummer) agrees to let Mikael in on what he knows of the corporation(that got him in trouble in court) as well as purchase stock in his failing news company.Meanwhile Vanger,in the process of hiring Mikael,also hires Lizbeth,a sort of "HotTopic" styled computer hacker who has been under a "ward of the State" since she was 10,a form of probation that has her check into her "ward" every week..When her caretaker has a stroke leaving him mentally disabled, she is then forced to change wards-unfortunately her new "ward" knows her file and history and basically will supply her with money but only if she succumbs to his wants and needs..With the two characters slowly going there own way and eventually meetin in the middle-through a behest by Mikael after finding out that she had hacked his computer in order to find out about him,Mikael hires her as an assistant on the case..Through her aggressive ways of getting info, to Mikael's search through old photograph's of a scene at a parade do they eventually track down the killer..

Like seven, Fincher directs this tale allowing the viewer into their world,with all the gruesome clues,character actors,scenery-from Lizabeth's computer club world to Mikael's dystopian hovel on the estate's island with a cat to boot,to the mountains,snow etc...
Its cold,dark,bitter-the perfect setting for a serial killer...

Now dont get me wrong: it was a good flick but unlike Seven where the viewer's are given so many clues to what the killer would do next that the ending is still one of the most popular endings of all time,this film relinquishes that for something more somber and not surprising at all. Too many clues,an assortment of character actors who have played bad guys in past action films that when trying to figure out who the bad guy is not only it could be any of them but it COULD'VE BEEN ANYONE OF THEM! By the time the surprise was upon you-it wasn't much of a surprise...Having seen the previous adaption, I was expecting more twists maybe a lil more power from Craig's character Mikael and even a lil more of Lizbeth's brain..Like Sherlock Holmes, the character Lizbeth has that ability to remember details and use those details to hack and get info..There are a few moments in the film where this is seen but never really explored-its almost assumed that "yes she's a badass-let's move on",which was pretty annoying..
Where in the film Seven, Freeman explains how the gov't tracks books etc-info the reg joe doesn't know which made that film interesting. With this film those situations are pretty much left out-more to the point,was never related to the viewer even so much as a text on the screen to show what she was looking at,reading etc....On to the rest..

Daniel Craig: was decent but not very actiony like he is in James Bond..I was actually hoping that this being a $90 million flick-that there would be better action scenes,maybe a few more fight scenes but to no avail-why did they cast Daniel Craig then???They could've casted Harrison Ford and it still wouldn't of mattered..

Rooney Mara of course stole the show as Lisbeth..she was much better than i had originally thought,though Noomi Rapace's version was more beautiful and slicker, with Mara's Lizbeth-there was a certain ugliness that was beautiful-which only made you root for her as a heroine..I expect she'll be blowing up hollywood for the next 10 years or so...

Stellan Skarssguard-probably the scariest bad guy of the year as well as on the top 20 bad guys(you can tell where his son Alexander(tv's True Blood) gets it from)..Nice,warm and inviting then deadly..

The downside: Though it was a decent thriller with a big name cast,most of which are mostly character actors who have played bad guys in past films like Steven Berkoff,Chris Plummer and Goran Visnjic, I really expected more...and not just another play by play remake...

What about the rape scene?? What about it?? Really if that's what gets you off-then spend your money on it, but for a crime thriller-not much on the thriller side...if anything you'll be rooting for Lizbeth but that's it..

Til next time...VK@NYTE

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