Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hollywood Humpday News 04, Mortal Kombat is back,more DK casting,and other odd movie stuff you didn't know about..

Ok so lets try this again..I already erased it all once before..stupid Computer..
So here's the news and clips..

--The trailer for the webseries "Mortal Kombat:Legacy" and its 1st episode are shown below,with Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade and Michael Jai White as Jax..Pretty cool and much better than I had expected..The WB were smart to do this as episodes as appose to a feature film..

--"Rise of the Apes",the prequel/reboot to the "Planet of the Apes" starring Andy Serkis as Caesar and James Franco as the scientist that creates him,has begun promoting the film with a Live stream interview with Serkis and others involved with production,earlier today at 5:30..Below is the clip from this show!

--Paramount has optioned the rights to Ray Bradbury's "Martian Chronicles", the sci-fi series of stories that deal with a future Earth trying to colonize Mars. it had been done as a mini-series in the early 80's with Rock Hudson and Roddy McDowell..
Here's a clip:

also being optioned are the rights to Daniel Hackett's novel "Midnight Riders",
a quasi-historical account of Paul Revere's midnight ride prior to the battles at Lexington and Concord. The story is being described as a "historically accurate swashbuckler with gunfights,swordplay and bawdiness"..oohkay Pirates meets Sherlock,nuff said..

Marvel stuff:

--two new tv clips show Thor better than before...

--Marvel rumour: David Slade,director of 30 Days of Night and Twilight:Eclipse,has been in the know and possible next project,a Daredevil reboot with possibly starring Robert Pattinson as its lead character,Matt Murdock..Hope that works...

other Rumours..

--Bradley Cooper might be the next Eric Draven in The Crow reboot directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo(28Weeks Later)...umm that's odd really..

--Ben Stiller and Fox are supposedly working out the details in a remake of the Danny Kaye classic,"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"...

--After Disney dropped his next film,Joe Kosinski(Tron:Legacy) took his pet sci-fi
project "Horizons" to Universal. They liked it and so does Tom Cruise.

--Matt Reeves, director of "CLOVERFIELD" and "LET ME IN",is hard at work adapting Ray Nelson's short story, "8 o'clock in the morning" for a future film. The story which was the basis for John Carpenter's "They Live",will be reworked without the political allegories and dark shades..Maybe a cameo by Roddy Piper and Keith David??
Here are some clips...

--Tom Hanks is reportedly going to team up with The Washowskis(MATRIX,Speed Racer)for "Cloud Atlas" an epic sci-fi tale that interweaves 6 individuals from different periods of history that in some way their own personal stories connect..ugh..

--Lindsey Lohan may be Victoria Gotti in the next GOTTI biopic,with Joe Pesci and John Travolta as John Gotti..I'd rather see Pesci make a comeback then Lohan..

Other Recent Tidbits:

--Michael Shannon has been casted as Zod in the next Superman flick. Here he is below during an interview where he discusses the process of casting for this film..

--other casting stuff..More Dark Knight casting: Daniel Sunjata(RESCUE ME) and Josh Pence(THE SOCIAL NETWORK)who the latter plays a young Ra's Al Ghul..


Michael Mann(HEAT,COLLATERAL,PUBLIC ENEMIES)and Paul Haggis(CRASH,THE NEXT 3 DAYS)are getting together for "GOLD" ,a contempory version of "THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE",about a ruthless search for the last remnants of gold..

Rufus Sewell is now onboard Timur Bekmanbetov and Tim Burton's production of "ABRAHAM LINCOLN:VAMPIRE HUNTER". He will be playing the bad guy of course...

Put it on your calender: April 14th during American Idol, the full length trailer for "Cowboys and Aliens" will be shown....

That's it for now..The Summer film lineup is heating up,Hanna and Your Highness having actually kicked it off this past weekend to great reviews..This weekend brings SCREAM 4 and another kid flick RIO..oh and some more trailers..

Taylor Lautner is the new Bourne...ABDUCTION..

Tom Hardy fights his brother in the MMA,with this Karate Kid meets The Fighter film..

That's it cya later!! VK@NYTE!!

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