Thursday, March 17, 2011

Who should be the next Tomb Raider?? My bet is on Emily Blunt.

Well its been a while folks.

Been trying to build this site up,now i guess its time to run my mouth..

A topic of late in H-wood,(and no not Charlie Sheen unless of course he's bangin the "B" out of Miss Blunt that is)is the current issue with who exactly will be taking over the role of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider quasi-franchise?

Now some have mentioned Noomie Rapace, or Olivia Wilde-the thing is whoever it it that does replace Angelina Jolie's boots, has to be really hot and be able to act.

Now i also don't mean like hot today and not tomorrow either..
This person has to stay hott for a long time-now,mind you someone like Ms. Rapace, who definitely has the looks but lacks in the voice dept(she's still learning english folks)but has the body and athleticism for the character, I could see grow into the franchise however H-wood doesn't have the patience nor the temperment of a Spielberg to deal with that so No for her.

Olivia Wilde has been on the radar for awhile and even though she's part Irish,her body is too slender for that character.Jolie's body though slender in parts has more meat to her then miss wilde and is a better actress. Also I'm a fan of breasts and Mrs. Wilde lacks in that dept.C'mon guys, really you want this salamander as Lara Croft??

Though she lacks breasts its her eyes that take you in and seduce you
into thinking that she cold be Lara Croft. I will say she is obviously at the top of H-wood's list and if anyone wanted to knock her off-they'd have to try really hard. Those eyes have got alot of guys right now.

Now last night I caught a viewing of "The Adjustment Bureau" with Matt Damon and Emily Blunt, and after some consideration I thought-she is Lara Croft.


She's English for one as well as very hot..She can play the aristocratic attitude as well as the punky english chick at any given moment.
It also makes the most sense considering that the character is English and not american. Now also that may be the reason why it never was as big of a hit as say the Indiana jones franchise, but if anyone NEEDS to have a film career to speak of right now,its definitely Emily Blunt. In the past 2years she has passed up major parts in 2 comic book films and has sacrificed it seems her very own career for her hubby's(john krasinski)tv/quasi-film career. Now her breast size-yeah its possibly bigger than Wilde's however what she lacks in breast size makes up in her acting skills,and by the way she carries herself. I don't doubt if she was to gain weight and build up for this role,something similar to what she would've had to go thru for the part of Black Widow in IM2,that she would/could definitely be Lara Croft.

So yeah,I want Emily Blunt for Lara Croft!! What say you?

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