Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Humpday News and Pix 02

Ahh yes another edition of HumpDay News and Pix too!!
Some new stuff since last I was on here-

--Sucker Punch was sucker punched by Wimpy Kid 2,last weekend-which may or may not be good news for its director who recently had started casting for his next feature, "SUPERMAN: Man Of Steel".Also not helping was the bulldozer loads of bad reviews from all over the critic world-even your thuggish teens weren't turned on by it which kinda scares me considering the film had every teen boy's wet dream rolled into one film..I mean 5 hottass half naked girls with guns and samarai swords and kickin ass like it was a Tekken game should've been a win-win right??

---And speaking of that SUPERMAN flick, AMY ADAMS was casted for Lois Lane. Her last interesting role was Amelia Earhart in the last episode of "Night of the Museum"..Hopefully she was casted after an audition and not on that lone role..

----In other DC related stuff,the Warner Bros rumour mill keeps moving along as they announced that work on a Justice League film has been started again. Hopefully this time they won't hand it over to a has been director who only knows how to direct pigs that talk but used to be able to shoot great action films like umm I don't know THE WHOLE MAD MAX TRILOGY?? C'mon DC get your act together!
Also they are still working on The Flash film as well as looking to reboot the Batman franchise again(BAD IDEA-GO WITH WHAT WORKS,DUH)and with a new director but of course Nolan would still be producing ala his status on Superman..

---Disney has aquired the rights to the female Sherlock: The Miss Marple Mysteries,which will be produced through Jennifer Garner's Vandalia Films company and will most likely play the elderly sleuth but as a younger,city girl. How this will end up working out will be interesting but with Mark Frost(X-Files,The Fantastic Four) writing the screenplay, hope may still be there as well as Mrs.Garner's career..

---Also from Disney,obviously not as thrilled as they seemed with the reception of TRON:LEGACY,have ditched director Joseph Kosinski's next project,"Horizons",a sci-fi story about a soldier assigned to patrol a desolate planet who meets a mysterious traveler,thus mysterious stuff happens which resulted in a possible PG-13 rating that Disney was uncomfortable with. This also throws a curveball at any possible TRON sequel since Kosinski was the man behind the initial idea and story.
Let's hope this pans out-even though the sequel was lacking,it did take the genre to another level..Got my fingers crossed..

----The Bad News: Weinstein Bros have pushed back the conspiracy thriller "Apollo 18" from next month to all the way to........................................................................................................................................................................................................JANUARY 16th 2012!!! For some reason they felt that the cat was already out of the bag with the trailer that literally came out last month to alot interested folks who saw it-me included..and all my conspiracy buff friends.Wow. A whole 8mths??WTF??? I have a feeling this film company isn't going to be around much longer as their track record keeps getting worse with the rate of releases per year..

---Steve Carell's exit from The Office is coming soon,with a lil help from Will Ferrell..Here's a clip below:

---Marvel News: At the yearly CinemaCon, attendees got a glimpse Of Jeremy Renner's character Hawkeye in a clip from the upcoming Thor film. From those who saw,his costume or getup is similar in style to the character's run in The Ultimates series,bow and arrows and all.

In other Marvel related news,Lauren Shuler Donner,always the hopeful spokesman for the X-Men franchise as well as other Fox related Marvel products,insists that they are working on an XMEN 4,5,and 6 , "We took the treatment to Fox and they love it... And X4 leads into X5."

as well as the slow paced Deadpool project that has had fans worried in the past year if Ryan Reynolds was still involved at all,
"a total reboot. We're either going to pretend that didn't happen, or mock it, which he could do. We're looking for a director, yes. He's very involved, Ryan. He's working with the writers on the screenplay and it is as much as it is ours."

"I'm tellin' ya, it's true to the comic. You'll see all of them. You'll see Wade Wilson, the good-looking Ryan Reynolds! You'll see Deadpool in his costume and you'll see the cancer-scarred face."

Also she mentioned that even though "The Wolverine" is currently w/o a director that the film,
"will have depth and a dramatic backbone. And yet there's more action in this one than in any one we've ever done. It's such a good script. We have the great Christopher McQuarrie writing and it's very true to the Japanese saga. This is Logan on his own..."

Right. Well let's hope they fix the mess that Fox keeps creating and get some films put out!

Well that's all for now-pretty much a slow news week.If anything comes up I'll update for ya...or maybe not!! Anyhoo here are some pics from this past week:

 The first 2 pics are of Rosie Jones for RedNose Day and the other was some dress up thing..

The above pics are from the next Fincher film "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"..if you've seen the original then this may not be to your liking..Rooney Mara's version of Lisbeth Salander is scary!! can u say I AM LEGEND??ugh

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