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The Top 5 films that WILL NEVER HAVE A SEQUEL. Or better yet Rebooted. Guaranteed.

So the other day I got stuck in an in depth conversation about our favorite films being rebooted or even the possibility that a movie like "The Princess bride" might ever get a sequel considering that the majority of the cast is still alive as well as the director,and that because of our intense conversation or debate if you want to call it, I came up with my top 5 out of a possible 10 films that I have without a doubt will NEVER have a sequel or rebooted.

Trust me. After some long thoughts and questions as to whether I was right or wrong in this,whether this was all an assumption on my part considering that every day Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox may have an epiphany and decide to reboot the whole Alien franchise or better yet remake Jaws,I picked the Top 5 films that because of how old actors are now,whether a director would even consider going back in time and wasting months on a sequel to their first or hit film,or that because of money -that even the possibility of a said sequel would be out of the question.

So without further ado,the Top 5 bastard films that will never be franchised or rebooted,no matter what excuse,no matter if its 50 years from now. Never.Or at least after I'm dead.



The whole cast is still alive and sequels proposed for this film have been novelized and written,re written,thrown away, lost then found again,as well as proposed scripts,by all types of authors (none of them being Phillip K. Dick of course),but if there is or was a story to be filmed for a sequel by the Ridley Scott family of directors-it won't be anytime soon. Both brothers,Ridley and Tony Scott are both way past their 50's and after Ridley's prequel to Alien, currently titled "Prometheus",I believe the possibility that they will be done with directing features and passing the baton to their younger set of apprentices,and continuing as producers .But even if and when that happens, would Harrison Ford still want to be Decker again?? Are there still any fans out there still interested in whether Decker was a Replicant or not? A new,well written story, maybe set many years later ala Tron may work, considering that our society has been playing mad scientist of late and courting the cloning issue in regards to farm animals,food,and even Dna to prevent cancers and abnormalities.

I see a sequel happening only if a great script comes across and only if the main director signs off on it,otherwise it will never be rebooted or franchised. the time to do that was long ago when Ford and Scott were younger. The only other option would to go the tv series route,maybe NBC who at this moment just merged with Comcast and fired their president of programming. A lot of shows once quarantined to a life on the shelf, have been reopened and put into production.Considering that NBC hasn't had a show that has attracted such a fanbase since LOST ended, a new show centering on the cloning issue and set in the near future may work.
Also since crime/drama shows are still the rage,to twist in the sci-fi angle into a crime show looks like a win-win situation. NBC also has another crime/drama show set in the world of the Grimm fairy tales,a literary twist that has become pretty popular in Hollywood thanks to films like "Alice in Wonderland",Sherlock Holmes" and the upcoming "Snow White and The Huntsman" and "Hansel and Gretel: Witchhunters".

The only question remains in the end: "is it live or is it Memorex?"

2. E.T.,The Extra Terrestial

There was talk some time ago, not long after this film was released in its second go around at the multiplexes during its anniversary tour, that a sequel may be good idea. This idea was introduced originally after the film blew up the box office and production was started on a script and recasting,but after some quick thinking -Spielberg decided against it, citing that it may ruin his film in the long run.So the idea was scrapped and of course after his wins with Schidler's List,and Saving Private Ryan,he of course went back and attempted to toil with an idea of a sequel.This was scrapped again- all the original players were older and some had stopped acting all together.Thus,another sci-fi film took its place,his remake, "War of the Worlds" with Tom Cruise was released to not so great reviews. Which if you're Steven Spielberg, you can't afford to attempt again.

When this film was released in the '80s,it was a huge hit with the kids thanks in part to the massive marketing campaign that included all types of toys,dinnerware, games,clothes and books.
A book tie-in sequel, titled "E.T.The Book of the Green Planet",dealt with his return to his own planet and his eventual return to Earth. It was a decent story however reviews placed it in a lower tier compared to the film.
An original story sequel written by the film's screenwriter, Melissa Mathison, dealt with rival aliens and abduction,which at the time was still popular with UFO conspiricists and sci-fi fans.
Whitley Strieber's semi-autographical book "Communion" and Michael Crichton'S novel"Contact" were both loved by sci-fi fans because of their thoughts on alien abduction and contact with aliens. However both films did poorly in theaters due to bad reviews and bad

Will a sequel be made?? No. A reboot?? possibly.But only if Disney bought the rights to it.Also every film company since has made their own version of "e.T." to the point of even a sequel may be cliche' A good script, a really good and exciting script from my generation may open that locked door.Then and only then may it be done.


Fans of the film,have been clamoring for a sequel for 2 decades now and of course the main players Tim Burton and Michael Keaton, who also set the groundwork for the Batman franchise, have not had that epiphany that says " hey,let's get together and work on this". Until that happens,Mr.Burton will continue to team up with his favorite chameleon, Johnny Depp for another film remake,update or gothy tale.

Bottom line: Depp has star power now as well as a consistent supporting cast that fuel their constant team-ups. To deviate from this formula may be Burton's undoing, which has happened before and failed miserably. Remember "Planet of the apes"?

Their follow up to this past year's hit,"Alice in Wonderland", will be Tim Burton's update of the '70s daytime vampire/soap, "Dark Shadows", with Johnny Depp playing the lead vamp, Barnabas Collins.

Will Burton ever decide to do a sequel?? Depp is getting older and Keaton isn't getting younger.Both actors have been outstanding working with Burton and if I was the man behind the lens i would have both in the film-maybe as rival polterquiests for hire??
Now that would be interesting and good return to form for both actors, dontcha think??
Well, until they agree to disagree to agree again-don't wait for this.It may be rebooted in 40 years.Or remade. Dammit Tim Burton ,Call me!!

4.The Princess Bride

I just caught this flick the other day and while watching the extra stuff, it made me wonder, could this film ever get a sequel??
Talk of such was a topic at one time,considering that "bride" was a box office hit and created a huge fanbase amongst critics and families, though it could not help the fact that rights issues between film companies and other moneies involved in distribution and s.Morgenstern's estate held up any chance of asequel anytime soon.

As of late William Goldman had released an "epilogue" story titled "Buttercup's Baby" with the 25th Anniversary edition of the book...
A broader story was to be revealed in the 35th edition but that was never released.
Until a situation occurs that requires everyone's "ducks in a row"- a sequel will never come to pass.
All of the actors involved are still alive and well,except of course Andre the Giant who passed away sometime ago.
Timing of course is the key issue of all sequels and in this case: timing, the want to do a sequel by all involved as well as its fanbase is a perfect storm waiting to happen.

5. The Goonies

Another Spielberg production, that has been mired in hearsay and lack of ideas even though all of the main actors involved are still alive for the exception of Anne Ramsay who played the bad gang's leader,most of those that want to do the film-mainly Corey Feldman and Sean Astin, who hasn't had to do anything since the Lord of the Rings franchise, has been interested.
Fans of the film still want a sequel. Thoughts of having the original group involved as parents now with their kids on some sort of adventure was passed around but never picked up. Other actors who may be interested, such as Josh Brolin whose career has peaked in the last few years may not be interested in such a trivial film.

A reboot is more likely but don't hold your breath. GOONIES!!!

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