Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bad Picture Day 2

obviously there is a reason this guy is there like that...lawnmower accident, a dog attack...or a bear attack...

 There is a reason why God created mirrors...

 "I need some new shoes for the club tonight"

 "Nobody is taking my Nissan Sentra!! Not this time,buddy!!"

Aye Caramba!!

 "Dead baby in stuffed animal...Aisle 9.!."

"Mommy, Lil Timmy is waving at me again!"

 "Am I dressed like a stripper again?, no seriously i'm not -what would make you think that??"


 Hunting....but for what???

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Mythical Beast sited....."The Dreadlock white boy" watch out!!!
This mythical creature may ensnare you in a drum circle, talk about his ever increasing bootleg collection of Phish concerts on DATs,his 15 attempts at hiking the appalachian trail, and his views on 9/11,Bush,Perot, and how if Ralph nader was president the world would be a better place. Also you may end up killing yourself after hearing him talk endlessly in that suburban voice ending everything in "y'know??"

Another mythical creature, "the Ghetto Leopard"...only thought to be in comic books but once seen do not confront..may want to have a conversation about how they're better than other folks or how hard there life is..
Most likely will think you are racist, etc,etc..

Tara Reid...WTF happened?? Answer: Too much Alcohol and drugs...Didn't she have a job once??

Ghetto Tink....

"I'm Elvis...let's just leave it at that."

Trans-ylvania. Nuff said.

Charlie Sheen's Before and After Picture.

I guess she sees everything in back and white
Umm...Victoria's Secret??? the secret is she has a penis.

Really?? Not that obviously no one has noticed but I'm sure the smell of diarhea is going to make that chick at the counter vomit soon.

Its as if Howard Stern and The devil came out with their poster boy for bad taste in clothes and people.

Lemons???Who needs that much lemons?? Maybe for their vaginas???hmm


Unless you're name is J.D.Salinger or Howard Hughes and you want to live far away from anyone near a Wal-mart, or even civilization, then you can have long ass toenails, otherwise go into the business as a backscratcher for hire.

There has got to be a logical explanation for this and who was responsible for allowing this to happen...

Happy Valentine's Day!! Blahhh!!

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"Anyone who works is a fool. I don't work; I merely inflict myself on the public."
- the late English character actor, Robert Morsely

Indiana Jones: "I'm going after that truck." Sallah: "How?" Indiana Jones: "I don't know - I'm making this up as I go."

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die." --Mel Brooks

"I am free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally." -- WC Fields

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-- Mario Andretti

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-"Planetary" based on the comic book by Warren Ellis
-"Top Ten"
-A worthy sequel to "The Thing",and
Kurt Russell has to be in it
-"100 Bullets"
-"Stray Bullets", and it has to be filmed in Baltimore.Period.
-"Liberty Meadows", rated R, and filmed like "Garfield"
-"The Avengers"
-An "Uncanny X-men" television series instead of some overblown film, done ala "Smallville"
-A "Star Wars" television series that explores not only stories about other characters inbetween the film series and history of the series but also the "What if's" as well.
-"Justice League"
-"Star Wars" 7,8,9 and maybe 10,11,12....
-HellBlazer movie or tv series,preferbly with an English Actor
-"Man on Fire" sequel.. Do you hear me Tony Scott!!! It was Denzel's best movie dammit!



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