Friday, December 10, 2010

"Terriers",my fav show is cancelled-for no good reason.My Thoughts.

So a few months ago,when all I had to watch were the last season of LOST,then with the help of NETFLIX, I got engrossed with THE TUDORS.Then realizing that show was done,I had started watching TRUE BLOOD,which of course,season 3 ended some time ago.So while waiting patiently for the next season of SANCTUARY and SMALLVILLE(its a small addiction) to start,I became addicted to this show called TERRIERS on FX.

Now mind you,the addiction starts when while surfing thru channels for something to watch,once n'awhile a show will entertain as well as compel you to watch it. Actually it wasn't an addiction-it was what everyone wants right now-consistentsy. Back in the day,and maybe now folks would try their hardest to get home in time from a long day at work to catch Johnny Carson.Like clockwork,most Americans expect certain things to be there when they need it. I work in a liquor store that prides itself in being open consistently every Sunday-Wednesday from 9am-Midnight and Thursdays-Saturdays,9am-2am-365days per year.I believe if the Apocalypse were upon us,I'm sure we'd be open for the Four Horsemen as well. So because folks like their life scheduled,quick and on time,we are always there.Just like this show which had become a staple at our store next to televised sports.

So now its cancelled.

There was much anger when this happened especially with fans,critics,the net as well as myself."what were they thinking?",I thought."What are we supposed to watch now??", I said to my friends at the store.So like anyone emotional about this issue I took to the net,trying to see if maybe I wasn't the only one alone with these feelings of betrayal.Low and behold folks far and wide on many sites exclaimed their anger at FX's decision-which was done in a conference call with reporters(which was odd-considering that their reasons for cancelling the show was because of low numbers.If that was the case then why call a press conference?)announcing the reasons behind the cancellation.

I feel a little deja vu' in that a similar situation happened with Family Guy back when it was in its 2nd season.FOX decided to cancel the show and unbeknownst to the network,the show had better legs than they had thought,being seen on the net,dvd sales were thru the roof and copies were passed around colleges..
The show built up even more of a following when it became part of the Adult Swim lineup. Fox, trying to save face for canceling the show brought it back on and now its in its 9th season.

TERRIERS has those legs I believe. I think if the stars and the writers/producers would have a lil more faith and love in their product I think it could excel as one of the greatest detective shows or films of all time. But to do that,a lot of work and pushing the show possibly to another network or to a film company would have to happen.The groundwork has already been done.The characters are set. All is needed is the right position and place. Could a feature film be done? Of course! Its like you have a pot of mom's original recipe soup and all you need are the bowls and garnishes,then the folks to eat it up.

In regards to whether FX dropped the ball-yes and no.Promoting it,yeah of course the show isn't about dogs.But was that the reason to watch it?Of course not.Common Sense could tell ya that.
I'm sorry the show was way better than Archer or Damages..Also once I started watching the show-mainly because the theme song was the best damn theme song for any show in like 20 years,I was hooked. The plotlines segued into each episode-though not as dramatic as The Shield or LOST,but instead when the plot started to weaken-supporting as well as the main characters picked up the slack. After LOST went off,me and my buddies at the liquor store I work at got hooked with TERRIERS-so what about the title-how the hell is that keeping you from watching the show??I'm sorry its not as simple as "Gossip Girl" or "The Event",shows that attempt to keep viewers by making up more crap as they go along regardless of character and plot.One thing FX did right was not to move it around the tv schedule-that would've been just as bad.The show I admit-was definitely done in a serialized way per episode,til the cliffhanger in the last episode..What might've been a better idea would be to seperate the show's 13 episodes into 3 or 4 FX movies..Then the series may have built up more fans over time then in just 13 weeks..Like what the BBC has done with their Sherlock films-spreading them out over 3 months,replaying them during said month till the next episode.Maybe with this show,because of how it was done and written-maybe in the future FX or other stations will use it as a template of what should've been done the first time.
Hopefully, when the series erupts on dvd and netflix,the push to see these guys back in action will happen sooner than later. Hey-it worked for Family Guy, Right??

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  1. I agree. How can FX expect to keep a following for this show, and Sons of Anarchy and Justified, when the show is only 13 episodes and they DO NOT repeat them afterwards? Sons just finished it's third season. Season 4 doesn't start until SEPTEMBER 2011. That's a long time to hold a candle for a TV SHOW. I liked TERRIERS. Love the music (and on the other FX shows). Maybe they will see the light at some point.



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