Saturday, October 23, 2010

SANCTUARY is BACK!! Sneak Peek for Episode 3 "The Bank Job"

For those who have been sad that True Blood is over til next spring or that Doctor Who won't be back til January and have been trying to keep the faith with those new shows on NBC,ABC,and CBS like The Event and No Ordinary Family but unfortunately are nothing like LOST,well may I interest you in checking out this fairly new show on SyFy,called Sanctuary.

Me being the comic book/sci-fi adventure nerd,got addicted to this show when Lost was off 2 summers ago..Needing something to fill my geeknes, I came upon this show while it was still in its 1st season and instantly became addicted to it. During its tenure it has had a few cast changes but unlike some shows where actors get fickle and leave unanounced thus leaving writers to scramble for an explanation that won't lie to their viewers,Sanctuary has managed to tell deep stories through their wild and wierd array of characters.

Currently in their 3rd season, Sanctuary is about a special group who tend to the world's secret "abnormal" society(or like Marvel's mutants-born with powers,abilities or are just plain abnormal to the planet)by locating,protecting and studying them within the various "sanctuary houses" all over the world.

the group consists of

Magnus:their leader(similar to a Prof.X or Magneto)who was cursed with immortality thanks to a fossilized version of Dracula's blood.

Bigfoot:one of the last of his kind now living and working as a medic on the team.

Henry: the master of all that is computers and machine and weapons designer-last season he found out that he was a werewolf.

Will: the CSI /Profiler of the group has the eyes for detail and the knowkledge of deduction -can read a crime scene in seconds ala Sherlock Holmes.

Kate: the new kid on the block has a criminal past-after the fall of the CABAL criminal organization last season, she came into the fold for lack of money.

John Druitt: Magnus'ex husband and also cursed by the vampire blood though with immortality he also got the power of teleportation which back in the late 1800s caused him to lose his mind and commit the "jack the Ripper"murders. Since then,once it was found that he had no control,he was brought back into the fold.

Nicholas Tesla: Known for his work in electricity,he too shared the vampire blood,however including immortality,he was also turned into a vampire, however last season it had reversed allowing him to be mortal again but with electromagnetic powers and lover of wine.

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