Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Oscar Noms are announced -my pics and predictions,then summary..the BETS ARE ON!!

The Oscar Nominations were put out today and unlike everyone else Iam not one to repeat them back to you instead here are my picks,predictons and thoughts on what should've been w/o the Golden Globes influence..

Best Picture:

My Pick: The Hurt Locker
Will Win: Avatar

I haven't even seen "the Hurt Locker" but I know based on fan reaction, and friends who have seen it and their comparisons to other films in the past year that it should win in a perfect world. However, since "Avatar" is not only the king in Hollywood as well as the biggest money maker of all time, it will win hands down though now that there are 10 noms for Best Picture this year, an upset is still possible probably by the sleeper hit- "Up in the Air".

Best Actor:
My Pick: Jeremy Renner
Will Win: Jeff Bridges

Again, as I said above from what I've seen and heard-Jeremy Renner is the secret favorite out there to win plus its in my gut that he may win.But, overall Jeff Bridges' last few acting choices and the fact that he has had a slow comeback in hollywood from his turn in "Iron Man" to the recent "Crazy Heart" proves to the Academy that no matter what character you give him- he can put out quality work.
Possible beat:Clooney or Freeman- more Freeman though, I mean who else can play Mandela???

Best Actress:
My Pick: Carey Mulligan
Will Win: Sandra Bullock

This is not my favorite category only because every year more so than the Best actor category, there are usually the same women nominated which makes it really hard to pick or predict the winners.Again this year(or it just seems they get nominated every year)Helen Mirren,and Meryl Streep are in it again. I picked Mulligan only because she seems like the silent,personal favorite in the hollywood or national circles-she's also damn good,however she is new to the scene and more than likely as her star continues to shine a possible contender next year.Sandra Bullock,who has been the most consistent and intriging is the winner though an upset by English standard Mirren is possible or Streep for that matter.Though "the Blindside" would never had been a hit w/o Bullock in tow..Think about it.

Best Supporting Actor:
My Pick: Woody Harrelson
Will Win: Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress:
My Pick: Vera Farmiga
Will Win: Mo'Nique

I'll keep this short.
Woody should've won some time ago but didn't and his turn in "the Messenger" should've nominated him Best actor but didn't- so he should win. Though to win this category you have to be THE supporting actor of the film and that will go to Waltz who came out of left field to put "Inglorious Basterds "on top more so than Brad Pitt.However old standbys Matt Damon, Tucci and thespian Plummer may take it all..

As I said about Waltz same should go to Farmiga in "Up in the Air", pulling off something even Streep can't do-make older women hot again. However Mo'Nique will win-sometimes all it takes is one scene in one movie to carry you to a win.

Best Director:
My Pick: Kathryn Bigelow
Will win: James Cameron

Well overdue and long a player of great action films in Hollywood and trained by the best(her ex, James Cameron), she has in recent years done better and better from the cult hit "Near Dark" to "blue Steel" and the big jump to "K-19" putting her in the realm of films you swore were directed by men but instead by a hot and I mean HOTT female director."Point Break" and "Strange Days" are considered classics now and on constant rotation on TV. "the Hurt Locker" should put her in the high ranks however the big and more popular money maker, Cameron , may knock her out if "Avatar" wins Best Picture. Though of course the secret win could be Reitman or Tarantino-But as I said they'd have top win the "Best Picture category first.

All the rest are film related categories. Best Animated: UP
"Star Trek" which wasn't nominated for best pic(though it should've alon with J.J.Abrams as Director) will most likely win most of the art and film categories though any including Avatar may lose to Avatar if "avatar" is as I said Best Picture.

Side note:
I liked the fact that they expanded the Best Pic list to 10 however its not fair to no expand other categories related to film as well to allow them better chance of a win. Example: District 9 was nominated for best pic but only nominated in 2 other categories related to film. If there are to be 10 choices it should be better organized. Even The Blindside got nominated for Best pic!! You know that isn't going to win come on..10 choices should be 10 picks and not 7picks and 3 filler..

Cya Vk @ Nyte

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