Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pete Doherty is proof that God allows one person a generation to survive like a cockroach.

This guy if you didn't know has seen both ends of the coke trail as well as almost every rehab clinic in Europe.
If anyone is up for "the biggest druggie rockstar" mantle currently owned by Keith Richards- it is this guy.
Proof is the fact that on the day of his current trial for drunk-driving, Mr.Doherty accidentally dropped 13 doses of Heroin in the courtroom. This was either a stunt or plain stupidity- or a sign of things to come.He was fined and let go.
However, God is a humorous bastard and has added a few dead bodies to the mix, throwing the ex-Babyshambles lead singer a curve ball that may end up in his next court trial. The first is from a previous incident at a 2006 party where he had fought with a party-goer which then resulted in a tragic fall related death. The second and the most troublesome for
Mr. Doherty, was with his current girlfriend and filmmaker Robin Whitehead, who had been filming a docu on Mr. Doherty and was also a member of the wealthy British Goldsmith family, was found dead of a drug overdose on Sunday- a day after spending some time with him. These issues may be the last straw with the authorities, having dealt for so long with his past and current transgressions..
His reply on her death?? "I don't know what you're talking about."

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