Saturday, August 2, 2008

The smoking law, in HOCO.

no more smoking in Howard County...... Current mood: bitchy
oh well it had to happen...the liberals and they're ilk have officially won in Howard County, MD..otherwise known as Columbia, Maryland......Or to the knowledgeable, Yuppieville,U.S.A.... The other half of the Smoking Ban goes into affect on June 1st, 2007.... If they have they're way....Baltimore is next..... I don't know about you, but I could use a cigarette right about now...hmmm? The answer I get alot about this is the most common.... "well, I don't its not going to bother me..." or the one I love "well, I don't go out to bars or for that matter anywhere that is smoking ,so its not going to affect me." what is funny about these and similar answers by people nowadays is that these same people have OTHER VICES!!!! Smoking is deadlier than Crack???? or Heroin??? or Pot?? Come on people!!!!Wake the fuck up!!! You never see Crackheads getting busted or for that matter ANY druguser getting busted!!!!! You know why???? they are in they're house, plain and simple. and they say all this smoking leads to drugs etc... Yes and No....a big fat No. and I'll Tell u why. First everyone on this fucking planet is an addict whether its to survive or for pleasure. Second, we are all human and defined by all that we do, say, complete, lead, etc. Third, being that as the case, from the day that we are born, we are told/shown how to walk,talk, move , what is right , what is wrong, etc. However, eventually Society, Life, and other factors involve themselves on purpose not by accident, and most times by choice. These choices always have results and responsibilities attached to them.. Most of these choices are based on how well you were brought up, how much common sense you were born with....alot of these choices are based on "monkey see, monkey do", oh well we as humans aren't perfect, we never were meant to be. If we were , it would be pretty boring. The Earth you stand on would be flat and you would stand there perfect all day. Now there was a cat some 50 years ago who decided that invading Poland was agood idea as well as making the perfect "aryan " race. The messed up part was that alot of people went along with it... "I'm not a jew or from Poland, so it doesn't have anything to do with me." Well the guy who said that line later remembered it when he was standing in line to be made into candlewax. Now I'm not really trying to compare or say that this smoking ban is in any relation to the nazis, however the means, actions, ideas, theories and relational situations are definitely close to the same idea.... So what may happen now that its in effect??? Probably nothing. Little subtle changes here and there, in I predict like Nostradamus if certain establishments do not change efficently with the law, you will see a major establishments changing hands, selling, or closing indefinite. How soon would this happen you may ask?? At the least 5-6 mths...maybe to a year.. All I know is what happens when after the "Non-Smoking Elitists" get their way and get paid for all they're lobbying for the smoking ban, what is the next vice to get taken away that was free to abuse, hmmm?? They control you by raising the price of cigarettes to 5- 7 bucks a pack depending where you go...what is next folks?? Alcohol???? Now don't say "well, the smoking thing i understand but beer and wine, well it would be unamerican!" Wasn't smoking the most american thing back in the day?? Most glamourized of all??? When did smoking become unamerican?? Think about it. The smoking ban didn't happen overnite folks, the wheel has been grinding along time. the question is who has been grinding it and how do they benefit?? and the answer isn't " they can breathe better???" you idiot!! Everything is in relation to everything else, period. What is it going to take to get people fed up with special interest groups??? These are the people in charge of your country!!! Not any government, Federal or state. The weasals are taking over little by little, day by day, whether through language in news reports, newspapers, conglomerates, or head of state. The control fix is in folks. Not a good way to start the 21st Century. By the way Jim Fix died of a Heart Attack...not from smoking, but from running 8 times a week, 10 miles each time. So when they( your controllers) start raising the price on some taxed related vice of yours, then you can say I told u so, however in the meantime, get hooked on drugs, and dip.....they are still cheap and at least the drugs are tax free. cya vkatnyte

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